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Terms & Conditions

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Please review the guidelines for shipping, returns, payment and customer service:


  • Standing Order
    You can receive new issues of the magazines automatically (monthly / bi-monthly) at the lowest shipping cost! Fixed rates for magazines in Standing Order are: $3.00 (each Sport Title) and $4.00 (each non-Sport Title). Magazines will be delivered through FedEx Ground for stores in the U.S. and Canpar for Canada.

  • Product Order
    Regular rates apply to one-time delivery or Product Orders. Books and one-time order of magazines will be delivered through FedEx Ground for both U.S. and Canada.

    Any dispute over receipt of shipment must be filed within 180 days of the billing date.
A statement for the whole amount of your orders will be sent to your Billing Address every second week of the month.
Payment Terms are Net 30.
  • For check payments:
    Beckett Media, LLC
    P.O. box 975384
    Dallas TX 75397-5384

  • For credit card payments:
    Call our toll-free number 972-448-9077 or 239-280-2380
    Our representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

    (If an account falls behind, shipments will be sent C.O.D. until the balance is brought current).
Customer Service
Feel free to call us at 972-448-9077 or 239-280-2380 from Monday to Friday 7AM – 5PM PST or email dealers@beckett.com if you need to add more magazines, update account details or provide us feedback. Magazines can be viewed here www.beckett.com/mediakit/

We accept cover-only returns for accounts without Free Directory Listing. Returns are due within 50 days from the off-sale date of the magazine. Credit for returns will only be given to the account under which copies were purchased. Returns that exceed your order quantity will be posted on your account as “excessive returns”. Return packages should be labeled "ATTN: RETURNS" and contain a packing slip detailing the contents of the package (ie: title, issue number, and amount) with your account number and store address listed at the top. Any dispute over returns credit must be filed within 180 days of the billing date.

Please address your returns to:

Beckett Media LLC
4635 McEwen Road
Dallas TX 75244-5308
Beckett Media Team – Dealer